Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beauty Rocks! April Glam Bag

This is my third month being an Ipsy subscriber.  I have been extremely excited with all 3 bags.  The theme for this bag is "Beauty Rocks!" and is a nod to all the spring music festivals.  As always, the products came in a cute little makeup bag.  This bag is navy blue and has an image of a turn table.  Out of the 3 bags I have received, this one is my favorite.

Ipsy always starts out each month with sneak peeks of products that will be in the bag.  This month, everyone got an Urban Decay Eyeliner in black.  I've used it several times, and I LOVE it.  It is a 24hr liner and really does last all day.  I find it hard to remove though, and if you wear it, you will need a good eye makeup remover.

This is the first month I received hair products.  I got the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Mousse.  I was not real excited about this product.  I have used this brand several times in the past, and actually had this mousse already.  It does give great lift to the root area, but I find it very drying and after using it several times, my scalp became flaky.

I also received a eyeshadow from Elizabeth Mott.  This is the first time trying this brand out, and I am very happy with it.  It goes on very smooth and doesn't crease.  The shade I received is Champagne and is full size.  Very, very pretty.

This month, I got a skincare item.  It's from Dr. Brant and is a small travel size sample.  It's the black tube in the front of the picture.  It's .5 oz sample of Microdermabrasion skin Exfoliant and I absolutely love it!  It is sold in 2.5 oz tubes and retails for $80!  After using this, my skin felt so smooth and looked much brighter.  Did I mention that I love this product??!

I received another lip product this month.  This time, I got a lip liner from Starlooks.  It goes on very creamy and I really like how smooth and velvety it is, but I found the color to be very odd.  The shade I got is called Nude, but it looks very peachy on me.  This was another full size product.

Overall, this is my favorite bag out of the three I have received from Ipsy.  The only product I probably won't use is the lip liner.  But, for approximately $55 worth of makeup for $10, who can complain??

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