Monday, April 14, 2014

Adopted and Loved.

I'm so excited for my sister, Lacey, and her husband, Derick.  They are currently working on adopting from Ethiopia and are blogging about it along the way.  I have added the link to their blog below.  Check it out and read about what they've experienced so far.  There is also info on their blog about an upcoming benefit concert featuring Cloverton!  

I know the next few months will be a rollercoaster of emotion for them.  They both are outstanding parents and this little baby that will be coming into their lives is already loved so much.    It's such a blessing and I'm so happy for them!

I am attaching a link below to an online store .  The proceeds from this website will 

help with their adoption process.   There's hair bows, headbands, and stationary for sale.  All 
the hair accessories are handmade by my sister, mom and our very talented grandmother.  
If you know someone who loves cute little hair bows and such, please pass along the 
link.  :)  Let's help Lacey and Derick bring home their sweet baby!!

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