Monday, April 14, 2014

Fishtail DIY Nail Art

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I really enjoyed doing this nail look.  I wasn't really sure what to call this design, but I've noticed a few others call it 'fishtail' so I'm going with that.   The inspiration for this design is based from a look I saw on Instagram.  I just love the coral color peeking through at the base of the nail.

I was surprised at how easy this was to achieve.  I just free handed the chevron pattern with the actual nail polish brush.

I used China Glaze-FlipFlop Fantasy (coral) as the base coat on the pinkie, middle nail, and thumb.  

While that coat dried, I used OPI's Light My Sapphire (deep purple) on my pointer nail.  

Then, I used Wet n Wild-Fergie in Gold Album on my ring finger.

After those coats were almost dry, I used the deep purple and started my second coat over the coral to get the chevron pattern.  I did find doing a thin coat first helped set the sharp lines, then I just went back in and applied more polish to get the coverage I wanted.  I did this on the nails with the coral base.

After they dried, I decided to use the Wet n Wild Gold to apply a another chevron pattern just to the middle nail.  

Finally, I used OPI Base Coat to seal them and finished off with OPI RapidDry Spray (highly recommended.. love the stuff!)   

For both hands, with drying time, it took about 30 minutes.  

If you like doing diy nail art, I'd love to see some of your work!  Comment below and share your nail art!

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