Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tips on Adding Days to your Manicure

Happy Saturday everyone!  I am enjoying the day at home, catching up on some much needed relaxation.  After a busy week, I've decided to have fun doing some nail art today, and I'll share some of my tips with you. 

It seems like the older I get, the more there is to do... somewhere to be, someone to meet, work, family gatherings; and getting my nails done every two weeks just isn't on the schedule.  There are some ways to add a few extra days to that manicure, so you nails will still look presentable until you can make it to the salon chair.

If you have been sporting the french manicure for a week or so, you may be dealing with some wearing and chipping on your tips.  My suggestion is to freshen up your polish with a coat or two of a nude shade to the whole nail, then add some beautiful glitter polish to your tips.  It's classy and who doesn't love a little sparkle? 

If you currently are wearing acrylic nails and are dealing with the dreaded "grow-out" look around the cuticle, you can also use some glitter to liven things up; the ruffian design.  Add a fresh coat of a dark polish to the acrylics, then go back in and add the glitter to the base of the nail around your cuticle.  This is a fun and creative way to wear your nails until you get back to the salon. 

So, I've left you with a few different ideas that have personally worked for me in the past. But, there's so many other ways of adding life to your manicure.  Get creative and have fun! Nail art is just that... a fun and creative outlet to show your personality on the tips of your fingers.

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