Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Light Up Your Life With The Green-O Book Lamp by GranVela!

This book lamp by Granvela is very unique and innovative! I've noticed similar models in magazines and online, and I was always curious as to how they would look in person. It's actually really neat and I'm surprised at the light output. It's much brighter than I imagined and it's also a lot bigger than I expected.  

The "book cover" is actually a type of strong plywood, but it has the appearance of walnut. Until I read over the description in the instruction booklet, I thought the cover was actually real wood. The cover is made from one solid piece and there's spaces cut out along the spine which allow for the cover to open all the way out.

The pages, or light shade, fold up accordion-style and they're made from a material called "Tyvek". This is the first I've heard of it... it's described as being waterproof and from 100% recycled material. This material is very delicate and I'm always afraid I'm going to bend or puncture it when I'm opening or closing the book. I've found the best way to open and close is by keeping my fingers on the wood edge where the cover and shade meet.

The cover contains magnets, so if you'd like to hang or display the light where all the "pages' are showing, the front and back cover will meet and lock together with the magnet. The magnet is definitely strong enough to keep the sides stuck together, however it's not so strong where it's hard to pull them apart. The included instruction booklet does a great job of explaining all the ways the lamp can be displayed. There's also an included leather strap that's used as a hook if you decide to hang the lamp.

As for the actual lighting? It's very pretty and I love all the different color options. The colors can be chosen by closing and opening the book which will cycle through the colors. The LED white light is one of my favorites, however the battery will last much longer by using the color lighting. If continuous left on the white light, the battery lasts around 8 to 9 hours on a full charge.  By using the LED color lighting, the battery last about 24 hours! It comes with an USB cord for charging and there's an indicator light on the side of the book... if the light is red, it's actively charging. When the light turns green, the charge is completed.

Bottom line? Although the price tag is somewhat hefty, this book lamp is well worth it.  I've had it around 10 days, and I use it all the time. It looks great setting on my book shelf and I've not had any trouble with it. 

If you need a gift idea for that person who has everything, this book lamp would make a wonderful present, especially for the book lover in your life.  

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