Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Groupon Coupons: An Easy Way to Save Money!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

Whether it's clearance racks, sales, or coupons, I'm always searching for new and fun ways to save money.  With that being said, I've never been great at clipping and using coupons.  It's just never been my thing, although I have a lot of respect for those who enjoy it.  There's definitely an "art" to being a successful couponer!

Instead of searching the sale papers and flyers for coupons, try searching Groupon Coupons.  Yes, Groupon is now offering major money-saving coupons to over 9,000 retailers! It's completely free with no hidden costs or registration fees. Just in the past few weeks, I've found digital coupons to use with my online purchases at Amazon and Sephora.  

If you prefer shopping in the stores, there's also in-store coupons available.  I really like using the Groupon App while I'm shopping.  To find coupons in your area, just search by location.  

Click the links below to check out a few Groupon Coupons I found in my area:

These are just a handful of coupons currently being offered in my area.  There's also restaurant, movie, and special event coupons available.

Stay in the loop on the daily deals and coupons by following Groupon on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, they have some amazing giveaways which are shared on their social media pages.

Groupon Coupons has really changed the way I shop and save money.  If I'm planning a shopping trip, I now include a trip to Groupon as well.  It's my first stop when looking for ways to save some extra cash!

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