Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chocolate Infused Eye Shadow!

Today's review is of an extremely popular eyeshadow palette that has garnered a ton of praise, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Apparently, the marketing geniuses behind this palette knew the strong connection women have with chocolate. So what did they do?  They added real cocoa powder to the eye shadows!  Yes, while applying this shadow, the delicious scent of chocolate lingers in the air!

Keep reading for more yummy info on this amazing eyeshadow palette!

If you are a fan of neutrals, you will love this palette.

Swatches of all the colors.

There are so many beautiful shades in this palette. Included are shimmers, glitters, mattes and satin finishes.  I can see it working for many different skin tones. 

The ease in which this shadow goes on the skin is amazing.  It glides on effortlessly, so it makes blending super easy.  Also, all the colors are extremely pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Now, as for the price tag, yes it is a little hefty.  Sephora sells it for $49.  However, since owning this palette, I haven't even used any of my other shadows.  I find myself coming up with many different combinations, and it's extremely easy to mix and match... all the colors just work so well with one another. 

Lastly, the big selling point is the quality.  The packaging is just beautiful, and it has a magnetic clasp in front.  I can tell a huge difference between applying this shadow and applying a drugstore shadow. There is hardly any fallout from the brush, plus there is no wrong way to apply it!  Don't get me wrong, I love drugstore cosmetics, and the majority of my makeup collection is drugstore makeup.  But once in a while, I like to treat myself to something nice.  I think if you try it, you will not be disappointed!

Needing some inspiration?  Click here for a link to one of my favorite YouTube reviewers, Tati. She uses the Chocolate Bar in this particular video.  She has a lot of good tips on makeup application, and has several different makeup review videos. Plus she is just so beautiful. :)

I love to hear from my readers... leave a comment and let me know your favorite color combo from the Chocolate Bar palette!


  1. I love that they used cocoa powder in this. I have seen that ingredient in some of the DIY makeup I see on Pinterest so it's neat to know the makeup companies are using it too.

  2. That's awesome! Sadly, I never knew that these shadows had real cocoa in them. That is so cool. Now I need it, but it's so expensive :(

  3. how yummy is that?---would love to smell chocolate when applying my makeup!

  4. Chocolate and makeup... they know how to get us gals! Great post!!

  5. Yes, ladies. It smells amazing! Nothing too overpowering, though. Once it's applied, you will no longer smell it. But, it's nice getting a whiff of chocolate while you are applying. :) Thanks for all the sweet comments.