Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pretty in Paradise: My June Ipsy Glam Bag

Each month, I find myself counting down the days until my Ipsy bag arrives in the mail. 
This month, the bag is titled "Pretty In Paradise".  Once again, Ipsy did not disappoint!  Keep reading for pictures and a brief review of what I received in my June glam bag.

If you are a fellow member of Ipsy, you may know about the reaction some people had to the Be a Bombhell Mascara.  A lot of members claim they were sent a mascara which had an off putting scent. Personally, I didn't notice a weird smell until I put the mascara wand up to my nose.  Even then, it wasn't a scent that made me cautious... it just smelled like mascara?  In my opinion, the mascara is just okay.  I wasn't blown away with the results after I used it a few times.
I suggest that if you notice an odd smell to your mascara, do a swatch test somewhere other than your eyes before applying it.  The company released a statement saying the fragrance was left out of the batch made for Ipsy and if any irritation occured to immediately stop using the mascara.

This tube of mascara retails for $15.00 on their website.

This is the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray.  I can't give a fair review on this product only because I have a short pixie cut.  Beach curls do not work for me. :)  I will be passing this along to someone who can actually use it. 

The Dream Waves Beach Spray can be purchased at Walgreens, and retails for $8.79.  Right now, it's on sale for $6.99.

This is the Orfa Universal Eyebrow Pencil.  I don't have any past experiences with this particular brand of cosmetics, but I really like this eyebrow pencil.  If you are like me and follow all the makeup trends, you may have noticed in the last year eyebrows are all the craze!  The fuller the brow, the better. This time last year, I didn't use anything on my brows, but I have slowly added it to my daily makeup routine.  This brow pencil is a good shade for my darker hair, and looks very natural next to my fair complexion.  

You can pick up your own Orfa Eyebrow Pencil here for $13.  

I was very happy to finally receive a perfume from Ipsy.  This is the RealTree Fragrance in the Deluxe Sample.  RealTree perfume is made by the Real Tree Camo Company.  It's not a perfume I want to run out and purchase, but it's not terrible.  If you like a perfume with sweet, floral undertones you will like this perfume.  I am drawn to earthy, woodsy scents.  

Right now, you can get this perfume on sale! Click here to get RealTree for Her (3.4 oz EDP) for only $19.99.  

Out of all the products Ipsy sent me this month, this NYX Butter Gloss is my favorite.  I absolutely love everything about this lip gloss.  I love the color, the consistency, and it's lasting power. I received the shade Creme Brulee and it's a perfect neutral.   Did I mention I love this lip gloss? :)

To get your own tube of this sweet, buttery gloss for $5, click here.  Also, click here to get all 3 shades for only $10!

So there you have it.  My honest opinion on all the stuff I received this month from Ipsy.  Comment below and tell me what you liked/disliked about your Pretty in Paradise Glam Bag. :)

If you would like to give Ipsy a try, click here and sign up to get your own cute makeup bag filled with cosmetics .  It's only $10 plus free shipping!

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