Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beauty boxes and freebies.

So, I am kinda excited about the whole beauty box subscription deal.  I have just signed up for the ipsy subscription and find myself really looking forward 
to getting it in the mail.  It's a $10 per month cost, but the items you get each month are usually full size products.  I find it really neat and something to look forward to each month.  A great way to discover products you  normally wouldn't buy.

I also have joined  This is somewhat like the other 
subscription boxes, only the items they send you are free!  The only thing they ask in return are reviews of products on their website.  It's set up so you receive badges for certain areas that you are active.  I've heard mixed 
reviews. Some say they received a box in just a couple months. Others have been waiting for over half a year.

If anyone has any experience with Influenster, let me know. I would love to 
hear tips and tricks on earning badges and points. I'm a sucker for anything that involves makeup and freebies. :)

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