Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boost Your Smoothies With The NINJA Nutri Auto-IQ Blender Duo!


If you like making your own smoothies, you're going to LOVE the NINJA Nutri Auto-IQ blender.  Since getting my blender, I've been on a smoothie-making kick.  It's so easy to use and the smoothies come out super smooth and yummy.

The set that I received contains the full-size blender and also 2 travel mugs.  The greatest thing about the mugs are the lids. There's the normal travel lids, but there's also the additional pro extractor lid, which has the attached blades and it's amazing.  It will blend anything you throw into the cup with no problem at all.  If you're the only person in the home who drinks smoothies, this is a great feature.  I can make one smoothie at a time if I'm in a hurry and don't have the time to make a whole pitcher.

The blades on this blender are amazing.  I've made pesto twice with fresh basil, pine nuts, etc, and the blender does an amazing job with the basil leaves.  Other blenders I've owned either chewed up the basil or just barely blended it and left big chunks floating in the mixture.  With the Nutri Ninja, I can now make a great looking and tasting pesto.

The base is very easy to use and there's super strong suction cups on the bottom of the base.  This keeps it firmly in place during use.  I love the layout of the buttons, and the smooth boost button is awesome.  You won't have to worry about picking the wrong function.  It's basically fool-proof. The large pitcher connects to the base easily and the lid locks into place and also features a cool corner which pops open for spill-proof pouring.

From the Company:

Auto-IQ Technology has set a new standard in drink and meal-making.  At the touch of a button, Auto-iQ's pre-set programs easily whip up your favorite recipes.  Not content with good enough?  Smooth Boost technology one-ups the genius of Auto-iQ, giving you the power to customize the texture of everything from juices and smoothies to delectable dips and doughs.

Smooth Boost feature breaks down fruits and veggies for ultra-creamy results!

Any negatives? The only drawback I've noticed is the sound when it's in use.  It can be quite loud.  However, in my opinion the performance makes up for a few seconds of noise.  

Bottom line? This blender is the perfect choice for smoothies, pesto, sauces, milkshakes... really the list is endless.  Also, if you have more than 2 people in your family, you can purchase additional mugs and other accessories. I received the blender free for review consideration, but I wouldn`t hesitate in buying it again and recommending it to family and friends.

In the Box:

-Blender Base (1200 watt / 1.6HP)
-72 OZ Blender Pitcher 
-(2) 24 OZ Nutri Ninja Tritan Cups
-(2) Sip and Seal Lids
-Pro Extractor Blade
-Total Crushing Blade
-Instruction Manual
-Recipe Book

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